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WiHN is a new nonprofit organisation run by a team of young wahine health students that has received a overwhelming response already.
With 728 likes and 740 followers on our Facebook page, 217 member sign-ups, and 151 mentors and mentees enrollled in our Mentoring Programme, we are expecting greater reach and impact with each succeeding event.

If you would like to support us financially, you are welcome to donate a little or a lot via internet banking.

Account Number: 12-3428-0065458-00

Please include your name as a reference, and send us an email at upon finalisation of your donation. This way we can thank you personally and sincerely.

Sponsorship and partnership

With WiHN being in its pilot year, we need both event and global sponsorship. Whether you are an organisation, company, or individual, there are many ways you can support us. This could include financial sponsorship for our events, company merchandise, service provision, or guest speakers. Your support would aid us greatly and contribute to the achievement of our goal of women empowerment.

Through sponsorship you would be part of a fast growing organisation that will impact the lives of hundreds of young women as they endeavour to lead successful careers and overcome societal barriers. Your organisation or company will be seen as participating in the movement towards gender equity in the health sector and beyond, where women are seen, treated and paid as equals. 

Additionally, promotion for your organisation or company can be undertaken through branding on relevant material. WiHN’s events would also provide you with a presence and a platform to intoducce yourselves to a diverse range of students. During these events you would also have access to potential employees/interns that have received formal mentoring, developed skills and are the next generation of health leaders. It is through these opportunities that a partnership between you and WiHN can be mutually beneficial.

Please contact if you would like to sponsor or partner with us.