Mentoring Programme


wihn mentoring programme

The WiHN Mentoring Programme matches women mentees in their first year of a health-related degree with experienced women mentors in the mentees’ desired health specialty. Launching in 2018, the programme aims to provide pastoral guidance and information sharing for young women, while enabling them to meet other first year students who are undergoing a similar experience.

Mentor and mentee relationship

WiHN provides a free, semi-structured, non-academic mentoring programme. Essentially, mentors will be a friend to a young woman student who is undergoing a similar experience to their first year in studying a health related pathway. Mentees will receive guidance and support from an experienced woman student to help achieve their personal and professional aspirations during first year.

Some of the topics mentors and mentees may discuss include:

  • How to have an academically successful experience entering a health specialty

  • How to have a socially fulfilling experience in first year 

  • General social support for in easing the transition from High School to University 

  • General career aspirations and options within the health sector

  • Building confidence to tackle first year at Univeristy 

  • Managing stress and building resilience 

  • Women leadership and empowerment

The programme will run throughout semester 1 and semester 2 of 2018. The formal mentor-mentee relationship with commence one month into the academic year and conclude in the lead up to the end of year exams.

benefits of joining the programme

For mentee, the programme provides support for first year students entering a challenging year and tackling the transition to university life. WiHN seeks to bridge the gap for those who may not feel that they are arriving with enough support to achieve at their highest potential. Joining WiHN provides opportunities to develop friendships across all year levels and access a platform for networking with leaders in the health workforce. Our passionate group of mentors will act as a source of guidance for navigating the new experiences of university. 

For mentor, the programme allows students to make a personal contribution to reducing the inequities that face women in health while working alongside a group of women who are just as invested in the cause. Being a mentor is challenging but rewarding and will help you develop useful knowledge, skills and competencies that are needed in the workplace. These include but are not limited to communication and presentation, collaboration and teamwork, problem solving, self-reflection and resilience. Mentors will also be among the first to be invited to our events, providing fantastic opportunities to form new friendships and professional connections. 

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