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women in health network


WiHN nurtures the next generation of women health professionals in New Zealand. Through mentoring and networking opportunities, WiHN fosters a network of wahine working across the health sector to ensure everyone can have a fair and fulfilling experience in improving the health outcomes of New Zealanders.



We are a community comprised largely by future wahine health professionals currently studying at the University of Auckland. We welcome youth of all genders and tertiary degrees to join our network and participate in the conversation on women's roles and rights in the health sector. As we grow, we will be expanding to reach other universities throughout New Zealand.

Joining our network is as easy as signing up to our mailing list. This will allow you to keep in touch with WiHN and receive opportunities to get involved straight in your inbox. Sign up to be a member of the network here:

WiHN Programmes

WiHN seeks to achieve its aims by running two programmes:

  1. WiHN Mentoring Programme - providing support to women studying health related degrees from more experienced women in their intended specialties; and
  2. WiHN Events Programme - a variety of workshops, guest speaker events, and networking opportunities throughout the year.