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Are you passionate about reducing gender inequities in the health sector? Join our Leadership Team!

WiHN is currently seeking a Nursing Specialty Lead. You will be a part of our Specialty Lead Committee, working with the Director of Mentoring and other specialty leads.

Your role involves:
• Bridging the gap between the Director of Mentoring and nursing students in our Mentoring Programme
• Organising the mentoring programme events alongside the Director of Mentoring and nursing students
• Assisting the Director of Events with the organisation of Events Programme events
• Representing WiHN in the nursing community

If this sounds like you, please complete the application form and send to Applications close Monday 18th March at 5pm. Applications will be followed by an interview process.

Our Network

Our Annual report for 2017/18 is now available.

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Our Mentoring Programme

Our mentoring programme can offer you social support in easing the transition between high school and university, learning how to have an academically successful and socially fulfilling experience throughout university, support on how to manage stress and build confidence, and engage you in discussion on women leadership and empowerment, and more. 

To become a mentor you must be at least a 2nd year student studying Health Sciences, Medicine, Nursing, Optometry, Pharmacy or a related conjoint degree at the University of Auckland in 2019. Apply to be a mentor here. Applications close March 15th 2019.

To become a mentee you must be a first year student studying a Bachelors in Health Sciences, Biomedical Sciences or Nursing at the University of Auckland in 2019. Apply to be a mentee here. Applications close March 15th 2019.

2018 Testimonials

Mentoring Programme
“Being in WiHN has been an incredible and valuable experience in the sense that I was also able to meet many other amazing women who all shared a common goal; to better the lives of those through the health sector.” - Mentee

“It has been really rewarding. It keeps me very grounded to be supporting girls in the same position I was in last year, it feels good to help, and it has definitely taught me a lot about myself in terms of empathy and how much I actually enjoy being able to help out first years.” - Mentor

Interview Intensive
“Just want to say a big thank you to everyone in the WiHN exec team and all the interviewers that gave up their time to help us all with our MMI preparation! I enjoyed the entire workshop so much and found every minute of it extremely valuable!! Very grateful for all of your hard work and everything else you’ve done for us this year.”

“Thank you so much for all the time, help and advice! I am so grateful to have stumbled across this opportunity and I appreciate all the effort put in by WiHN! It was hands-down, the best interview session I have been to by far and I loved receiving the genuine advice, help and feedback. This was awesome! Thank you so much again.”

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Our Events Programme

We offer a variety of workshops, guest speaker events, and networking opportunities throughout the year. Some events may be reserved just for women in health related degrees but most will welcome everyone of all genders and degrees to participate in the conversation. You are welcome to attend as many events as you would like. Check out previous and upcoming WiHN events under the events and gallery tabs above. 

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2018 Testimonials

An Evening with WiHN
On what they found valuable or enjoyable about the event:

“I really liked the talks given by the different people on the panel because it made me more aware of how much I need to step up in terms of the leadership roles that I have been given.”

“Hearing about different aspects about leadership and importance of mentoring other women from a diverse career background of women on the panel.”

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