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Upcoming events

wihn annual general meeting 2019

When: 6:00 pm, Thursday October 10th
Where: 302-G20 and foyer, City Campus

Join us for our 2019 Annual General Meeting! We'll be hearing reports from the 2019 Leadership Team and electing the 2020 Executive. If you are interested in standing for the 2020 Executive, you can find out more about positions and apply here: https://www.wihn.org.nz/join-us


Past wihn events

Insight: Activate your mind

When: 6:00 pm, Thursday September 17th
Where: Arts Design Theatre, City Campus

Are you a health student interested in exploring social issues and getting a deeper perspective on the world?  Our Insight evening features short talks with powerful ideas.  Our speakers, current women leaders in health, will spread their knowledge and experiences surrounding aspects of their work that can empower health students.

WiHN has organised for four powerful women, all top in their fields, to start the conversation around various pertinent issues and start the conversation.  Stay tuned as we announce our speakers!

Adulting 101: Financial advice for health students from mfas

When: 6.00 pm on Thursday 1 August 2019
Where: 503-028 Grafton Campus, University of Auckland

Are you a health student wanting to learn how to manage your financial future? WiHN is very excited to present our new event ‘Adulting 101: Financial advice for health students from MFAS’. Limited tickets are now available on the Facebook event page!

This free event aims to provide health students with the opportunity to learn about managing their financial futures, making financial decisions, and formulating financial plans while at university and when transitioning from university to the ‘real’ world. The series of presentations from Medical Financial Advisors will be followed by kai and networking.

Te Mana WĀHine

When: 6.00 pm on Tuesday 21 May 2019
Where: 503-024 Grafton Campus, University of Auckland

Calling all future health professionals with an interest in reducing inequities for Māori in the New Zealand health system!  Our new event Te Mana Wāhine is an exciting speaker series and opportunity for exposure to a female Māori world view of the state of health in Aotearoa.

Empowering Māori women in the health workforce is a way to reduce inequalities for Māori.  The concept of Te Mana Wāhine comes from Te Ao Māori. It speaks of a power held by Māori women, passed down by the ancestors, that empowers them to bring together our communities, overcome any challenges we face and nurture the well-being of everyone. This power is simultaneously within each of our speakers and is our speakers, which is why we feel that hearing their stories first hand will show how we, as future healthcare professionals, are able to celebrate and empower Māori women to be leaders within the health workforce for Māori.  

With your delicious vegan meal provided, this event is not to be missed.

Wihn mentoring wĀnanga

When:  9.45 am on Saturday 23 March 2019
Where: Art Student Study Space, HSB, University of Auckland.

Both the transition into first year at University and studying a course such as Biomedical Science and Health Science (which are known to be quite competitive), can be difficult, and even detrimental, especially for those who have not lived in Auckland before. The Mentoring programme eases this transition, and provides mentees with mentors they can rely on for support, as well as a community of other mentees and mentors.

The Wānanga experience will be the first introduction and welcome for mentees and mentees to the mentoring programme community. We are delighted to welcome our new mentees and mentors with a Wānanga, including amazing race and prizes!

The Start of Something New: Welcome to First Year

When:  6.00pm on Monday 11 March 2019
Where: Science Centre 302-G20, University of Auckland.

Are you in your first year of a health-related degree at the University of Auckland? Or just wanting to know a little more about Women in Health Network? Come along to our first event of the year to hear from three awesome women speaking about their own first year and the value of getting involved with WiHN.

The Start of Something New: Welcome to First Year will provide you with tips and tricks on getting through your first few weeks and surviving the year. You will also find out about the work WiHN does for women students in health-related degrees, and how you can become part of our mentoring programme.

Our three awesome women speakers include:
Dayeon Lee: Founder and of WiHN and third year MBChB student
Samantha Rita-Kata: Third year BNurs student
Samantha Santayana: Current WiHN Health Sciences Specialty Lead and second year BHSc student

The event will be followed by dessert platters and hot drinks. You won't want to miss out!

Annual general meeting

When:  6.30pm on Wednesday 10 October 2018
Where: Arts 206-201, University of Auckland.

The AGM opened with the 2018 Executive reporting on the activities of WiHN in 2017/18, and concluded with an election od the 2019 Executive. All information on the AGM and election process can be found here. All WiHN members subscribed to our General Mailing list were eligible to vote.

Additionally, our Annual Report for 2017/18 can be found here.


When:  8.30am-5.30pm on Saturday 6th October
Where: Arts 1 206-315, University of Auckland

The MMI Intensive was open to all women applying for medicine, pharmacy, and/or optometry at the University of Auckland in 2019. The workshop was free and interactive, offering information, insight, and tips for the interview, and the opportunity to trial mock interview stations.

The programme was as follows:
8:30am – 12.15pm: Overview of the MMI and how to approach the different interview stations. 
Lunch Break (Snacks provided, BYO lunch) 
1.30 – 5:30pm: Practice interviews in groups of three, with seven interview stations total.


“Just want to say a big thank you to everyone in the WiHN exec team and all the interviewers that gave up their time to help us all with our MMI preparation! I enjoyed the entire workshop so much and found every minute of it extremely valuable!! Very grateful for all of your hard work and everything else you’ve done for us this year.”

“Thank you so much for all the time, help and advice! I am so grateful to have stumbled across this opportunity and I appreciate all the effort put in by WiHN! It was hands-down, the best interview session I have been to by far and I loved receiving the genuine advice, help and feedback. This was awesome! Thank you so much again.”

An Evening with wihn

When:  18th September 2018, 6-8pm
Where: OGGB Foyer, 260-101, University of Auckland

'An Evening with WiHN’ consisted of a series of short TED Talk-style presentations delivered by six powerhouse women leaders at the forefront of clinical and non-clinical health roles in New Zealand. The diverse topics for the evening included leadership, health technology, medicine, pharmacy and big pharma, youth leaders in health, advocacy, and equity. This interactive session offered information and inspiration for women in heath from women in health, followed by a ceremony with nibbles and networking, that celebrated the achievements of WiHN and its members in its inaugural year.

On what attendees found valuable or enjoyable about the event:

“I really liked the talks given by the different people on the panel because it made me more aware of how much I need to step up in terms of the leadership roles that I have been given.”

“Hearing about different aspects about leadership and importance of mentoring other women from a diverse career background of women on the panel.”

Where to from Here?

When: Thursday 19th July 2018 6:30pm-8:30pm
Where: New Science 302 G20, University of Auckland

'Where to From Here?' was an event specifically for the mentors and mentees of the WiHN mentoring programme. Members of the WiHN executive spoke about their personal and professional experiences studying various health degrees at the University of Auckland, including medicine, pharmacy, optometry, postgraduate programmes, and more. Speakers covered how they decided on their degree, what it involved, and where their degrees took them. The event was followed by nibbles and the opportunity for mentoring groups to meet and discuss their future plans.
The purpose of the event was to provide students with more information on various health related degrees. At this stage in the year, many mentees will be looking at either changing degrees or considering other options. WiHN aimed to assist the decision making process by providing students with personal insight into various health pathways. For mentors, Where to From Here? provided them with the opportunity to support their mentees in making these decisions. Additionally, the WiHN executive discussed postgraduate opportunities in health for those already looking ahead at further study.

INSIGHT: advice from women leaders in health

When: Thursday 26th of April 6pm - 7:30pm
Where: New Science 302 G20, University of Auckland

INSIGHT: Advice from Women Leaders in Health was a symposium series of women leaders who have experience across the health sector. The guest speakers discussed their personal challenges and successes as professional women in the health sector and provided personal and professional advice for the upcoming generation of women in health. The evening was interactive as the audience were presented with multiple opportunities throughout the night to engage with our leaders. The guest speaker series was followed by an informal networking session (with nibbles) that provided the audience, the WiHN executive, and the guest speakers the opportunity to meet and engage in further discussion. INSIGHT was an excellent opportunity for women students in health related degrees to gain invaluable insight into their health fields of interest.

mentoring training hui

When: Wednesday 21st of March 6pm - 7:30pm
Where: Arts 1 206-220 and 206-209, University of Auckland

The Mentoring Training Hui provided mentors and mentees of WiHN with the tools and resources required to maximise their experience in the mentoring programme. Mentors and mentees were taken through the course of the programme through an interactive workshop, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed. This was followed by a meet and greet between mentees and their mentors, to foster the foundations needed for rewarding mentor-mentee relationships and lifelong friendships between these future women in health. Mentors and mentees who were accepted into the programme were notified via email and invited to attend this event.