Our Values




WiHN is a community of New Zealand health students and professionals who are committed to enabling all women to have a fair and fulfilling experience entering and working within the health sector. We foster a network of women working across health disciplines where we work together to build one another up to achieve personal and professional aspirations.


WiHN empowers the next generation of wahine health professionals to unleash their potentiality and confidence. Through a variety of programmes, events and workshops, we provide opportunities that will support our members in harnessing this potential to become aspirational, contributory members of their communities.


WiHN nurtures the personal and professional development of our members to enhance leadership capacity. We understand that the concept of leadership means different things to different women, so our broad definition supports members to become leaders in their own right.


WiHN connects up wahine for knowledge and skill sharing because we know women thrive best with woman role models. We believe everyone has something to learn and something to gain from the women around us - it is just a matter of formalising the process of sharing through mentor-mentee relationships.


WiHN takes tangible steps to ensure representation of and support for minority groups. We recognise that women face greater barriers to having a fulfilling experience working within the health sector, but when gender intersects with other social categorisations such as socioeconomic status, overlapping systems of disadvantage are created - hence our focus on equity.