Events Programme

Wihn events programme

The WiHN Events Programme offers a variety of workshops, guest speaker events and networking opportunities throughout the year. The events will cover a range of topics rooted in women, leadership and health. The knowledge, skills and networks developed from these events aim to equip wahine with the experience and support needed to succeed personally and in a health related degree and career. 

purpose of THE programme

The programme has the purpose to further the social interests and educational value of women studying health related degrees. By complementing the WiHN Mentoring Programme, it serves as a platform for women to form valuable networks with other women studying health related degrees and working within the health sector. Some events will have special focus on helping participants to develop skills that will support the transition into the workforce and enable to thrive within the health sector.

The programme is open to members and non-members, with priority entry to events granted to WiHN members. Some events may be restricted to women studying specific health related degrees, but largely we welcome youth of all genders and degrees of studies to attend and participate in the conversation of women's role and rights in the health sector.

content of THE programme

The details of the specific events within are in the incubation stage and are not limited to the content listed. Stay up to date on our events by checking out our Upcoming Events, subscribing to our network and liking our Facebook page. 

Event content may include:

  • Guest speakers involving women health professionals, leaders, politicians, and alumni
  • Networking events with WiHN members, non-members, women health professionals, leaders, politicians and alumni

  • Workshops on competency building and skills needed to enter the workforce (e.g. CV writing and ‘how to sell yourself’)

  • Workshops for public policy-oriented advocacy

  • Opportunities to attend external events on behalf of WiHN

  • Future career opportunities - both clinical and non-clinical careers

  • Internship opportunities available for women students studying health related degrees 

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